Pouring Coffee into Filter

3 samples of our delectable roasts!

Each sample brews 10 cups of coffee.


*Black Forest Roast

  • Bali Blue Moon coffee
  • Italian roasted
  • Notes of chocolate cake, vanilla bean and spices
  • Organic, Rain Forest Alliance


*Campfire Roast

  • Kona blend
  • Medium roasted
  • Notes of caramel machiato and nuts


*Back Country Roast

  • Honduran coffee
  • Medium roasted
  • Notes of dark chocolate, toffee and nuts
  • Organic, Fair Trade


*Night Owl Roast

  • Bolivian coffee
  • Vienna roasted
  • Notes of smokey milk chocolate and almonds
  • Organic, Fair Trade


*North Star Roast

  • Mexican coffee
  • Vienna roasted
  • Creme brulee flavored


*Superstition Roast

  • Papua New Guinea coffee
  • Light roasted
  • Bright, citrus notes
  • Organic, Fair trade


*Toasted Barrel Roast

  • Mexican coffee
  • Vienna roasted
  • Bourbon flavored

Sampler Pack